This semester I took an upper level ceramics class that involved using the potter’s wheel! I haven’t utilized a potter’s wheel since, like, mid high school. I had a rough start jumping into it. Our first assignment was to throw 100 cylinders, and growing the height of each cylinder after every 10. It’s difficult. YouTube videos make it look so easy!!!

Anyway, over the course of the semester, some pieces did come out kind of cute. :) I’m typically the type of person to stress over work or certain things if it is not perfect. I don’t know how many vases or bowls I threw on the wheel that I didn’t even allow to dry because I thought it was too ugly.

The process of throwing clay from start to finish was actually more of a reminder to me. If I wanted them to look nice and put together, I had to use my needle tool to get an even lip and trim the feet when a piece was leather hard. There are steps – small yet significant – in order to achieve an imperfectly perfect vase.

Throwing is fun. It’s such a good feeling to watch yourself get better at something, whatever it is. Plus it was such a great way to put my phone down put my able hands to use.

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